About Us


Welcome to our little green oasis in the city centre.


Built in 1855 with the highest standards and materials for a high bourgeois family, this building has a lot of stories to tell. In 1944 it started to be used as a rental residential building. We did rent it in 1974 and bought it in 1978. Our story starts here... Our first years were tough... the building was really old looking and the situation of the country was not good at all... After the 1974 revolution, literally all rooms available were used after the African colonies were independent and lots of people returned from there without a thing... All space was not enough to lodge them. In the 1980s, situation started to get better. In 1986 a major overhaul of the building was done: all basic parts of the building, like water or electricity were completely renovated. It was a 2 star residential back then. In the 1990s, now in the EU, situation in the city started to deteriorate. Tourism was growing in the summer but the city was loosing services, population and getting abandoned. We survived these bad times by keeping prices low. Entering the new millenium, the city was now declared World Heritage by Unesco. We were pioneers by starting a website in 2003 and joining booking.com in 2009. Internet booking and low cost flights brought a new life to the city. In 2011 the residential was converted into a boutique hotel. The front shop was converted into the breakfast room. Since then, we installed in the whole place: Wi-Fi, new furniture, flat tvs, air conditioner and decoration. In 2018 we converted another building (right next door with just a building in between) into rental apartments. We have rebuilt 6 deluxe apartments - 2 of them can accommodate up to 4 people. The Pandemic of 2019-2020 hit us hard and, for the first time in 75 years, we closed our doors temporarily but we survived and are here to welcome you again.

Very good place for trips around the old town and the surrounding area, close to the tram stop, taxi stand and underground, very good place for a city base.